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Antabuse should never be given to a person without his or her knowledge of taking the medicine.

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Tak th missd dos as soon as you mmb. Tak th st th day’s doss at vnly spacd intvals unlss othwis dictd by you docto.

(5) Sid cts om th dug includ skin ash, acn, hadach, dowsinss, tidnss, impotnc, mtallic tast galic-lik tast in th mouth, waknss, loss apptit, upst stomach, vomiting, yllownss th skin ys, dak uin. Souc: MdLin Plus.

Msv symptoms may occu whn Antabus and lag amounts alcohol a usd togth, such as sv chst pain spading tyou jaw should, slow hat at, wak puls, sizu, ainting, wak shallow bathing, slow bathing (bathing may stop). A disuliam-alcohol action can b atal .

I nv knw that Antabus had any sxual sid cts, until now. This is a concn tm. Dowsinss, tidnss, tingling in my t, a uth sid cts.

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